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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Natural Health Care

COUNSELLING Counselling sessions are facilitated from a person-centred (non-judgemental, empathic, and honest) foundation utilising evidence-based approaches of psychology to ultimately develop and sustain greater emotional awareness and clarity of thought. For meaningful Counselling to occur the ‘Therapeutic Relationship’ is key in providing a private, confidential, safe, and secure space to attend to personal concerns. The Counselling process itself often involves exploration and discussion around attitudes towards the positive and negative elements of our lived experience. These include memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, sensations, and behaviours as well as their impact on our present and future circumstances. Mindfulness based meditation and breath exercises are often suggested and taught as well as other evidence-based lifestyle strategies. Counselling addresses mood and stress issues such as: Depression Anxiety Trauma Grief and Loss Relationships Sexuality Low Self Esteem

PSYCHOTHERAPY "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -C.G. Jung Psychotherapy while similar to Counselling is generally a deeper and longer-term process. The key difference being the focus on identifying unconscious processes to restructure the personality or self with greater authenticity. Anyone can at some point in their life experience ongoing depression, anxiety and be struggling with futility and despair. Anyone can lose their way, even the highest functioning and accomplished among us. Psychotherapy is therefore equally for anyone suffering from the onslaught of life’s trials and tribulations or those suffering from a diagnosable mental health condition. Psychotherapy revolves around the development of metaphorical thought (or insight), this involves the search for greater meaning, discovery of previously unknown aspects of our selves and developing the personality into a more balanced conscious self-awareness. Kane’s Psychotherapeutic approach is ‘Jungian’ based where he is undertaking further training in Psychoanalysis at the C.G Jung Institute near Zurich, Switzerland.

NATUROPATHIC CONSULTATION Naturopathic Medicine as well as advances in nutritional applications has a tremendous amount to offer in safely improving, sustaining, and optimising physical and mental health. Kane has over a decade in clinical naturopathic practice (including research and education in the Naturopathic field). In his integrative Naturopathic/Psychological work Kane pays particular attention the ‘gut-brain connection’, ‘food for mood’ as well as nourishing and supporting the nervous system (vitally important when embarking on the therapeutic journey). This unique integrative approach can greatly improve and sustain physical and mental health outcomes. Naturopath’s while knowledgeable about disease and its pathophysiology, do not directly treat illness. The Naturopath takes a wholistic (body, mind, spirit) approach to health and wellness. Naturopathic philosophy advocates supporting and enhancing vitality (or Life-Force). This creates conducive conditions for our innate self-healing (homeostatic) process to become mobilised and activated. Naturopathy seeks to safely remove core impediments to health and wellness leaving ‘nature’ to do the rest. The practice of Naturopathy is traditionally referred to as ‘Naturecure’ and in more contemporary times, the ‘Terrain Theory’ of health.

NATIONAL DISABILITY INSURANCE SCHEME COUNSELLING $156.16 As a University of Notre Dame Masters qualified Counsellor, Kane Parsons is bound by the National Disability Insurance Scheme Services 'code of conduct’ and is permitted to offer services as an unregistered provider to: NDIS Self-Managed or Plan Managed Participants only. NDIS Counselling Sessions support the development of: Self Awareness Self- acceptance Emotional resilience Insight into your personal value Insight for personal growth Clarity of purpose Resilience to surmount adversity Setting and achieving goals NDIS Item Number 15_043_0128_1_3

DREAM GROUPS Participating in a Dream Group can be a surprisingly enlightening and rewarding experience. With dream groups the focus is on sharing personal dreams, practicing the techniques of dream work, and experiencing the process. Dream groups are not intended as therapy however some therapy may inadvertently happen. For more information on dream groups please visit If you are interested in attending a local or online group, please email expressions of interest.

MEDITATION/SELF-KNOWLEDGE GROUPS Group meditation practice and Self-Knowledge discussion is an excellent way to develop and deepen one’s personal meditation practice and contemplate the perennial philosophy of life and living. No prior experience is necessary and experienced meditators are welcome. Vedantic, Buddhist, Western philosophy and literature is commonly referred to in these groups on various practical topics with the opportunity for questions and comments. If you are interested in attending a local or online group, please email expressions of interest.


It is important to have a regular time that we meet weekly or fortnightly in order to focus on the therapeutic issues rather than on admin and scheduling. Standard 50 minute session (allow 5 minutes at begining and end to settle in and out making 60 minutes): $120.00

To be as inclusive as possible, there is some capacity to offer lower rates to those genuinely unable to pay in full. 

Payment can be made by cash or direct deposit after the appointment. 

Non-attendance / no-shows will be charged a standard consultation fee.

Cancellations with less than 24hrs notice will be charged $50.00. 

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