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therapists in Australia

About Kane

Kane is a Jungian Psychotherapist holding both Bachelor (ECU) and Masters (Notre Dame) degrees in Counselling. Kane has been in the healing professions for over 20 years first beginning his career as a Naturopath (Adv Dip, Perth Academy of Natural Therapies) where he gained foundational experience working in naturopathic research, education (Metagenics) and clinical practice. In his early 20’s Kane spent 3.5 years full-time studying Philosophy and Yoga in India.


Kane’s therapeutic approach is Jungian, Person Centred, Naturopathic and Psycho-Dynamic and he is currently a Diploma Candidate training in Analytical Psychology at the C.G Jung Institute Switzerland. 

Kane is a member of both the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia PACFA (Reg. Clinical) and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society ATMS (Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine) and regularly attends both Naturopathic and Psychology professional development seminars and workshops. 

Kane enjoys mountain biking, basketball, yoga, bass guitar, spending time with his family and in nature.

Counselling and Naturopathy for Mental Health

Call or fill out the contact form below to arrange a no obligation initial phone call. Phone, Skype or Zoom appointments available. 

therapists in Australia
therapists in Australia
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